Benefits for Educators

In a student-centered systems thinking classroom, teachers are the facilitators of thinking and learning.  Children are immersed in practice fields rich in relevant problem-solving, interdisciplinary connections, thought-provoking dialogue, and opportunities for in-depth synthesis and critical thinking.  The Waters Foundation’s Systems Thinking in Schools Project is focused on supporting teachers in their ability to create such desirable learning environments for children.   

Other specific benefits for educators include:

  • increases student engagement and fosters a learner-centered environment
  • enhances an educational environment that is cooperative, interdisciplinary, and relevant
  • correlates to 21st century skills, STEM goals, and Common Core Standards
  • facilitates the integration of rigorous thinking in instruction, which is key to achieving proficiency
  • provides structure for social and emotional development, leading to a decrease in disciplinary problems
  • provides a common language and a set of tools that facilitate collaborative problem-solving
  • helps to determine high-leverage actions and solutions to problems


To see more information on the research relating to benefits click here.

Play the video to hear from teachers describing the impact of systems thinking on their teaching practice.