Research Overview

“After twenty years, what evidence exists that using systems thinking/dynamic modeling (ST/DM) methodologies has a positive, desirable effect on student learning?”

Four areas of evidence are available, each in different quantities and with different measurement criteria. The largest body of evidence is found within the anecdotes of teachers who describe thinking and learning results for their students. Although smaller in quantity, action research (a methodology used to investigate a particular question about learning) and student survey results allow for observation of some general trends relating to student learning/thinking. Finally, empirical research studies are less prevalent, but have occurred within K-12 classrooms using systems thinking.

Click here for a pdf file of the article, “The Impact of the Systems Thinking in Schools Project:  20 years of Research, Development and Dissemination.”

Teacher Testimonials

Action research and systems thinking approaches have given me a new outlook on teaching and learning.  I have always seen positive results in my students, but since I have been involved with the action research process, I have been challenged to think about what I do in the classroom at another level.

Being a fairly new teacher, I was unsure about doing action research.  I now feel more confident describing what I really want my students to be able to learn and do.  I also better understand how to assess my students’ learning.